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Accounting and tax services


New client

List of documents

Medical fees


Rental income

Statement 31

Sale of property

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The forms are in Excel and PDF file formats.


You can download Excel files and fill them on your computer.

The PDF forms are only to download, print and fill by hand.


Choose the forms according to your situation.


Two forms are compulsory:

  • «Client» (for those who have the file with us)  or «New Client» form

  • «List of Documents» form


Forms in Excel file:

  • Download the appropriate form.

  • Click «Enable Change».

  • The cells to be filled are pale blue in color.

  • The «Signature» cell is locked to put the signature at the time of the appointment.

  • Use the «Tab» button to toggle cells or simply click on the cell to be filled.

  • For dates, SIN, phone number, money and percentage please just enter the numbers (the required format is already applied).


To make an appointment, contact us by email.
Return the completed forms by email or print them and bring for the appointment.


Before making an appointment, make sure you have received all the necessary documents to present them during the appointment.

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